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Warcraft Raid Leader Goes Crazy

I have no clue what half the stuff this guy is talking about, but this video is funny. I guess it was a Warcaft raid leader (leading and coordinating 40 people, so they are all listening to him) on some raid of a dragon’s den…

All I know is if I was in his raid group, I probably would fall out of my chair from laughing so hard and die anyway… ๐Ÿ™‚

And whoever recorded him and then did the animation for it is a pretty funny guy… hah

World of Warcraft Via P2P

It looks like Blizzard is one of the growing number of companies that have realized that peer-to-peer file sharing technology has some great uses. I just noticed they distribute World of Warcraft (full DVD and updates) via P2P technology. Cheaper because it uses the end user’s upstream bandwidth.


Second Best Thing About Vegas

When you are bored in the airport on a layover on the way to Chicago, you can win $2,000 on a $5 bet. ๐Ÿ™‚

I played a total of $20 (I played 6 total hands for $5 each, winning my first hand also) on video poker with my last $5 and hit 4 2s and an ace on “Dues’ Wild Poker”. The only hand that would have paid more would have been a royal flush for $4,000.

Nevada Gaming Device

One of the pictures that almost got us all thrown in jail. We took pictures of our poker table, which is forbidden because it’s a “Nevada gaming device”.

Uhm, how do you like your hand there Shoe’? ๐Ÿ™‚

(picture ripped off from Shandy King, so if you want to arrest anyone, it’s him. I know nothing.)


I saw on Shoemoney’s site that he found a video that Brent took (same guy that took the pictures… at least we know who should go to jail for recording/photographing a Nevada gaming device)…

Anti-Semitic Poker Dealer At Binions

Played some poker tonight (this morning?), and we had George, a closet anti-semitic poker dealer for his 30 minute shift. George really liked us (especially Dax)… or not… it was hard to read his true feelings about us. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hopefully someone will post the illegal pictures we took of a “Nevada gaming device”.


I almost forgot one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen while playing poker… (comedy supplied by Dave).

Dave: {whispering to me} Does a 4 of a kind beat a flush?
Me: Yes.
Dave: {turning back to table} Okay, I’m all in.

Update 2

Man, it’s all starting to come back to me… (more comedy supplied by Jen). Cell phone text messages (none left out)…

Jen: (10:19 pm) Where u
Me: on way to binions
Jen: (12:24 am) Where u
Me: at binions
Jen: (1:51 am) Where u
Me: at binions, in poker room

Checkers Domination!

I’ve been practicing checkers for a world event coming soon, and I pretty much dominated this guy I just played. I’m white, I’m going from bottom to top and it’s my move. As you can see, he only got a single one of my pieces.

I might actually be the most glorious checkers player to ever walk on the moon!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Thank God for this game because it is an utter time waster and I’ve had to lay around doing nothing the last few days. I don’t really like RPG games, but I got it for my Xbox 360 because it was the highest rated game for it, and there really wasn’t any games I was overly interested in.

But here’s a question for anyone who’s been playing it… Is there any merchant with more than 1,200 gold available to buy stuff? I have about 100,000 gp worth of Deadric weapons and armor (like a crap load of 5,000 gp Deadric Warhammers, Claymores, etc.), but I don’t want to sell them because I can only get 1,200 gp for them since that’s all the money the merchant has.

Royal Flush

Played a little Texas Holdem poker last night, and I got a pretty decent hand… A royal flush. ๐Ÿ™‚

But here’s the crazy part… a few hands later I got a straight flush (king high). Both hands were diamonds too.

More importantly, I have witnesses! hah

Too bad I lost overall for the night… Oh well…

Gears Of War

Does anyone besides me think that the new generation of game consoles have *really* good graphics???

click to enlarge

This is a actual game play screenshot from Gears Of War (for Xbox 360) which comes out later this year. Screenshots like that almost make me want to go buy an Xbox 360 and a new TV just to take advantage of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

PS3 Pricing

Rumor has it that pricing has been finalized on Sony’s forthcoming Playstation 3 at $499. $100 more than an Xbox 360, but you should get a LOT more features (like the ability to play high definition DVDs).

Gossip doing the rounds amongst Californian developers seeks to peg the price of Sony’s looming PlayStation 3, with the figure of $499 being bandied around quite actively in the last few days.

According to several sources, publisher-owned developers taking receipt of updated development kits have been briefed that the pricepoint is final.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has claimed reports that its senior staffers let slip how much the company plans to charge for the PlayStation 3 when the console ships next November are “incorrect”.

Instead, head of the the company’s French operation, Georges Fornay, says he was “misunderstood” when he appeared to indicate a price range for the PS3 during an interview with French radio station Europe 1 this week.

According to a report, SCEE said: “At no time did [Fornay] suggest or indicate a specific price point or price range for PS3, and any reports that he did so are incorrect.”

According to the SCEE, Fornay was simply saying the PS3 would cost more than most current videogame consoles, which are priced well below รขโ€šยฌ500, but would still be much cheaper than standalone Blu-ray Disc players. The PS3 will, of course, operate as such a device.

Splinter Cell 4

I’m not a huge gamer, but once in awhile it’s fun to play a game… For example I played Splinter Cell 3, and it was damn good game. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, someone posted some screenshots from Splinter Cell 4 that look pretty amazing…


This might be a game that would make me actually want to buy an Xbox 360 (Splinter Cell 4 isn’t due to come out until March, 2006). The couple games that look interesting (Gears of War, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell 4, Halo 3) to me for Xbox 360 all come out February and March of 2006, so it looks like I’ll just wait to get an Xbox 360.

Man Dies After Playing Games For 2 Days

A South Korean man (identified as “Lee”) died of heart failure stemming from exhaustion after playing an online video game for 50 hours.

Lee thought it would be a good idea to quit his job so he could have more time to play video games, which by the way, doesn’t seem like a solid plan for your life if you ask me. I’m not much of a gamer myself, but for everyone else thinking they need to quit your job so you can have more gaming time, maybe you should think twice… because gaming KILLS.

Check out the full article.

Xbox Media Center

Had a little longer to play with the Xbox Media Center from my previous post, and this thing just gets cooler and cooler the more I dive into it.

  • It has Mplayer built into it so it basically can play any audio/video format without problems including streaming content
  • Audio visualization (like WinAMP)
  • Organizes music, pictures, video, programs, etc.
  • Shows the weather from cities you predefine (pulls from
  • Plays Internet radio
  • Supports numerous network shares for media (Windows/SMB, iTunes, etc.)
  • Plays movie trailers (picks them up from Apple’s movie trailer website)
  • Supports Python scripting language, so anything it DOESN’T do, you can make it do

Did I mention that this thing is bad ass? Oh yeah, I did.

Xbox Mod Chip

I have an Xbox that I bought 3 years ago (pretty much when they first came out), that I use about once every 6 months. While at a friends house, he showed me his Xbox that was modded so he could copy games and stuff.

While I wasn’t really interested in the copying of games, some of the other things you can do looked interesting enough that I decided to see if I could do something like that without ruining my Xbox.

First up… for $59, I got an Xecuter 3 mod chip which comes with everything you need (except a soldering iron and solder).

I got mine from Mod Chip Man.

Much to my amazement, I soldered everything in correctly to the Xbox motherboard on my first try without ruining the board (it’s been 13 years since I’ve soldered anything).

Then I installed a replacement dashboard… For this I went with EvolutionX (also free).

I haven’t installed much stuff on the Xbox yet, but I did install Xbox Media Center… and all I can say is this one program alone is going to make me actually use my Xbox. It lets you manage your CDs and MP3s, etc. from your Xbox. It has network/Internet connectivity so it can also give you the latest news via RSS feeds, the weather for whatever cities you want and my favorite part… It can mount network volumes from other machines or access iTunes play lists via the network. All I can say is WOW. I would have done this years ago if I knew about it.

Video Game Girls In Playboy

The October 2004 issue of Playboy is going to be featuring video game characters. Some are going to be “posing seductively”, some topless and others with full nudity. Some of the characters being featured are BloodRayne, Mileena, Nina, Tala, etc.

Seems kind of strange (but funny) to me. Maybe I would be more excited about it if Lara Croft was going to be there (just kidding).