The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Thank God for this game because it is an utter time waster and I’ve had to lay around doing nothing the last few days. I don’t really like RPG games, but I got it for my Xbox 360 because it was the highest rated game for it, and there really wasn’t any games I was overly interested in.

But here’s a question for anyone who’s been playing it… Is there any merchant with more than 1,200 gold available to buy stuff? I have about 100,000 gp worth of Deadric weapons and armor (like a crap load of 5,000 gp Deadric Warhammers, Claymores, etc.), but I don’t want to sell them because I can only get 1,200 gp for them since that’s all the money the merchant has.

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  1. 1200 is the max from any merchant in the normal game. If you get the Wizards Tower download from XBox Live, it comes with a merchant who sells up to 2000 gp 😉

  2. Well that’s gay… but at least now I know and I can sell all this crap instead of hoarding it. 🙂

    What’s the point of having a value of 5000+ gp on something if you can’t sell anything for more than 1,200? Dumb. 🙂

  3. Oblivion is perhaps the best RPG ever! Although the gold situation is quite stupid. No matter I completed the game at level 7 so its not all bad…

  4. Once your mercantile skill is high enough, you can “invest” in shops to increse the gold they have by 500.

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