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Rumor has it that pricing has been finalized on Sony’s forthcoming Playstation 3 at $499. $100 more than an Xbox 360, but you should get a LOT more features (like the ability to play high definition DVDs).

Gossip doing the rounds amongst Californian developers seeks to peg the price of Sony’s looming PlayStation 3, with the figure of $499 being bandied around quite actively in the last few days.

According to several sources, publisher-owned developers taking receipt of updated development kits have been briefed that the pricepoint is final.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has claimed reports that its senior staffers let slip how much the company plans to charge for the PlayStation 3 when the console ships next November are “incorrect”.

Instead, head of the the company’s French operation, Georges Fornay, says he was “misunderstood” when he appeared to indicate a price range for the PS3 during an interview with French radio station Europe 1 this week.

According to a report, SCEE said: “At no time did [Fornay] suggest or indicate a specific price point or price range for PS3, and any reports that he did so are incorrect.”

According to the SCEE, Fornay was simply saying the PS3 would cost more than most current videogame consoles, which are priced well below €500, but would still be much cheaper than standalone Blu-ray Disc players. The PS3 will, of course, operate as such a device.

2 thoughts on “PS3 Pricing”

  1. I wonder how much they are losing per unit sold at a $500 price point? Rumors had it that the actual cost to Sony was far above $500.

  2. The only draw that I can think of is network is not recognized every time I turn the player on (N-draft). Other than that streams perfectly. Upscales perfectly. Love playing DivX movies from USB drive – saves a lot of time by not having to burn a DVD.
    Perhaps slightly overpriced.

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