Maybe No Less Spam?

The comment spam on my blog here was getting to the point of just being silly… around 4,000 spam comments per day (breaks down to about one every 15 seconds 24/7).

I decided to try and do something about it so I don’t have to weed through them manually (the time consumption on this task is one of the biggest reasons I don’t post as often as I used to).

So let’s see how it works… if you see me posting more often, then you know it worked. 😉

Padres On Track For All Sorts Of Records

The San Diego Padres won their season opener against San Fransisco 7-0. Let’s just put that in perspective for a moment. That puts the Padres on track to go 162-0 (undefeated the entire season, which no team has ever come remotely close to doing). It also puts them on track to outscore opponents 1,134-0. The Yankees last year went 97-65 last year, and outscored opponents 930-767 for the season.

Craziness I say…

My Face Is So Popular It’s Red

I don’t recall how I came across this image, but I was rather surprised to see it randomly (considering it’s me)…

Some sort of heat map where people look at an image, and decide what’s the most interesting part of it by clicking somewhere on it…

So people thought my face was interesting I guess… either that or they knew their click would register a red dot and were just trying to cover my face up. 🙂

The original image was taken from this blog (over here).