Warcraft Raid Leader Goes Crazy

I have no clue what half the stuff this guy is talking about, but this video is funny. I guess it was a Warcaft raid leader (leading and coordinating 40 people, so they are all listening to him) on some raid of a dragon’s den…

All I know is if I was in his raid group, I probably would fall out of my chair from laughing so hard and die anyway… 🙂

And whoever recorded him and then did the animation for it is a pretty funny guy… hah

No, I’m Not Dead…

For everyone that has been asking me (or asking others to find out)… I didn’t die.

I also didn’t get thrown in jail…

…nor did I run off with some girl…

…I also didn’t get kidnapped…

(these were all theories I’ve heard so far)

The quick version is this… I went to Mammoth for 3 days, then I was sick for a couple days, then the Chargers lost, so I didn’t feel like writing. Now I feel like writing something, but I don’t really have anything to say… So for now, I’ll just tell people where I’ve been. It’s not that easy to think of something to write about *every* day you know. 🙂

Sorry for not writing on the blog in awhile (I know Bobby loves it when people say that.. heh)

Random Email #36

A random email I just got… 🙂

What? I mean how hard is it to get on this site? Is this a whore site?
I just want to know why it’s in my computer history????
If my husband is really stupid enough to deal with this kind of….thing, (I’ll put it nicely), then so he can go for it. Where are these girl’s parents?
He is old and trying to be young. But these girls are young trying to be older.
Maybe it’s a perfect match.
He’s nothing to write home about in bed…but if you get paid, what the hell?

Oh my god!!! Someone’s wife found him looking at my blog. That marriage is over I guess. Sad… so sad.

Apple Gave Me A Bunch of iPhones

Well sorta anyway… since Apple officially announced their iPhone, Apple stock has gone up $11.14 per share. I bought 100 shares a long time ago (it’s since split twice, so now I have 400 shares). The value of my shares has gone up $4,456 since yesterday morning. More than paying the $500-600 price tag for one if I wanted one.

It does look like a pretty pimp phone, and includes pretty much everything you could ever want (Wi-Fi, movies, music, GPS, QWERTY keyboard, etc, etc.)

Too bad they will only work with Cingular and their over-priced data plans. But whatever… free is still free (sorta… heh)


If You Steal, The IRS Wants A Cut

This is hilarious… who in the hell comes up with this crap? Do they really think some thief is going to report it as “Other Income”? And even if they did (which would be funny), wouldn’t the government sort of be an accomplice since they are benefiting from criminal acts? It almost makes me want to go out and steal a pack of gum just so I can put something in the stolen property section of my tax return. haha

This is clip from page 88 of the IRS handbook for individuals (PDF version here).

So what do you learn from this? If you steal a car, return it before December 31 so you don’t owe taxes on it! haha

Alternately, treat it as “borrowed property without the owner’s permission”, but that’s a little more grey area and might not fall under the IRS’ safe harbor guidelines.

Keywords For My Blog

Shoemoney had an interesting post where he posts some of the analytic stats for his blog, so I decided to do a little of the same (I’m too lazy to take a bunch of screenshots and make them all fancy with shadows like he did, but here’s one for you…)

Thankfully, the #1 keyword (besides my name) is amputee porn. haha nice!

Also, the “goal 1” that is defined are Google AdSense clicks (tracked with the script I made to do it). Interesting to see the click through ratio variations depending on the entry keyword as well as how many pages of the blog someone views based on keyword (for example people searching for Shawn Hogan or Weird Stuff tended to browse around a lot).

The majority of my traffic comes from referrals not search engines (the #1 referral for the year was Digg.com), but search engine keywords are much funner to look at. 🙂

LaDainian Tomlinson Wins NFL MVP & Offensive Player Of The Year

Not a bad year for this guy (not that there really was any question he was going to win both)…

Tomlinson, voted Most Valuable Player on Thursday, broke Shaun Alexander’s league record for touchdowns by scoring 31 (28 rushing) and also threw for two scores. The brilliant running back not only surpassed the mark Seattle’s Alexander established last year in also winning the MVP-offensive player double, but Tomlinson surpassed Paul Hornung’s 46-year-old record for points by getting 186.

Maybe add Super Bowl MVP to the list?


Send Media To Your Xbox 360 From Your Mac With Connect360

I’m not much of a gamer, but I did buy an Xbox 360 last summer. Anyway, I finally found the best use for it… “beaming” your media from your Mac to it (music, photos and movies). The only annoying thing is all the music you buy from the iTunes Music Store doesn’t work since it’s DRMed with Apple’s Fairplay stuff. And since that’s the only place I get music anymore, none of the new stuff I have will work. Oh well… still cool none-the-less…