Warcraft Raid Leader Goes Crazy

I have no clue what half the stuff this guy is talking about, but this video is funny. I guess it was a Warcaft raid leader (leading and coordinating 40 people, so they are all listening to him) on some raid of a dragon’s den…

All I know is if I was in his raid group, I probably would fall out of my chair from laughing so hard and die anyway… 🙂

And whoever recorded him and then did the animation for it is a pretty funny guy… hah

11 thoughts on “Warcraft Raid Leader Goes Crazy”

  1. With leaders like that….

    actually I’ve no idea what he’s going on about either.
    Sounds like making a Damien Hirst painting.

    “throw more dots!”


  2. That’s hilarious! So, if you play WoW, and you become part of one of those clans, you can hear more of this stuff? Where do I sign up???? 🙂

  3. It started out pretty darn funny. But when he lost it and was going “WTF was that!!!” it went to a whole new level of hilarity. I had tears in my eyes, literally.

  4. Lol, this never gets old. Supposedly this guy is a bright fellow IRL, according to an interview I read with him. Kudos to whoever made the flash, it’s the funneh 🙂

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