Nevada Gaming Device

One of the pictures that almost got us all thrown in jail. We took pictures of our poker table, which is forbidden because it’s a “Nevada gaming device”.

Uhm, how do you like your hand there Shoe’? 🙂

(picture ripped off from Shandy King, so if you want to arrest anyone, it’s him. I know nothing.)


I saw on Shoemoney’s site that he found a video that Brent took (same guy that took the pictures… at least we know who should go to jail for recording/photographing a Nevada gaming device)…

8 thoughts on “Nevada Gaming Device”

  1. Curious how that picture was taken – image quality is pretty good – better than what you see with most Cell Phone Camera’s and pocket digicams.

  2. I don’t see any camera in my hand and I found that picture on the web, so arrest someone else!

    Funny thing about that picture, Shoe showed me his hand pre-flop and forgot. That happened a few times but at that moment I think he thought he had me beat…

  3. Judging from the position the picture was taken, it couldn´t have been me either…
    lucky me – I figured, if they would go after someone, it´d probably the stupid german in lederhosens LOL 🙂

  4. Definitely wasn’t me – I left Brian’s camera behind in the limo. No pictures for me!

    Process of elimination is beginning to make it sticky… Who’s going to jail?

  5. Hey hey hey.. since you posted that i been getting weird calls from Vegas.. I think they are after me.. George prolly told his boys to get us..

    Was fun hangin out..


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