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I have an Xbox that I bought 3 years ago (pretty much when they first came out), that I use about once every 6 months. While at a friends house, he showed me his Xbox that was modded so he could copy games and stuff.

While I wasn’t really interested in the copying of games, some of the other things you can do looked interesting enough that I decided to see if I could do something like that without ruining my Xbox.

First up… for $59, I got an Xecuter 3 mod chip which comes with everything you need (except a soldering iron and solder).

I got mine from Mod Chip Man.

Much to my amazement, I soldered everything in correctly to the Xbox motherboard on my first try without ruining the board (it’s been 13 years since I’ve soldered anything).

Then I installed a replacement dashboard… For this I went with EvolutionX (also free).

I haven’t installed much stuff on the Xbox yet, but I did install Xbox Media Center… and all I can say is this one program alone is going to make me actually use my Xbox. It lets you manage your CDs and MP3s, etc. from your Xbox. It has network/Internet connectivity so it can also give you the latest news via RSS feeds, the weather for whatever cities you want and my favorite part… It can mount network volumes from other machines or access iTunes play lists via the network. All I can say is WOW. I would have done this years ago if I knew about it.

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  1. That makes me want to mod my XBox. Doubt I’m that handy though. I’ve also seen where people have installed OSX on their XBoxs. That’d be sweet too.

  2. That is a cool xBox mod! I don’t have any patience to do that type of work though! You might be able to help me though – I’m thinking of dumping PS2 and buy xBox, would you agree, or stick with the PS2?

  3. I’m not much of a gamer, although I have a PS2 and an Xbox. I haven’t played the PS2 since I got the Xbox, and I really only used my Xbox about once every 6 months before I modded it (now I use it daily as a media center).

  4. yeah, my cousin was able to mod his xbox without using any chips or soldering any kind of boards onto it, some game called mechasault and certain programs he used to hack into the xbox, it worked great, i havent gotten done to mine, but it has all the same features as it would if you got a mod chip, there is only one flaw with it though, if you have the system unplugged to long it resets the clock in the bios and the system could possibly freeze, it’s only happened once, out of all the xbox’s that have been modded like that, but it works.

  5. I’ve read excellent reviews about the new Xbox connector to media center.. i don’t have a modded xbox but thinking about it. Are you 100 percent sure a modded xbox will work with the xbox media extender (new one from MS)? Does this allow you to map to your PC files. What about MAME? I don’t know much about Modding but interested .. but more importantly need to ensure it works with xbox connector.

  6. I had my xbox modded for a while now. It is just great. It is like an extra computer hooked wirelessly to your TV. So you can watch movies, listen to CD, surf internet, all that you can think of. Over that, you can customize the menus to your taste instead of MS corporate logo. But one thing that the brilliant hackers haven’t figured out yet is how to play online games with modded xbox. If you are a big Xbox live fan, you may want to think twice. If can be played, but you have to do some extra work to go around the modded chip to be able to play online. Or risk being banned. But all in all, i love my modded Media Center (XBOX)

  7. dont worry about it. i have installed the xcuter 2.3 lite and have installed a switch as well. the switch allows you to turn the chip off so you are allowed to connect to LIVE. it also has a backup bank switch a HDD LED and a DVD LED.

  8. I have a mod chip in my xbox but i dont know witch one !!! The problem is i wish to connect to xbox live but i can t go in it since i have that chip….How can i go around this and how can i turn my chip off…thank you in advance for your help…

  9. i have the x3 exicuter mod because exicuter rocks my box. but i have a 250 gb harddrive i can not get to work with the xbox why?

  10. I want to buy a mod chip but am not shere which chip I should buy and also I 2 want to knowhow u can turn off the mod to play live, is there a switch or what? Oh and also want to know if I could like change games like, be able to higher the grounds fly hogs on halo 2 things like that… PLEAS TELL ME OM SO INTERESTED

  11. I want one but since im only 12 and i dont have a job or any money i cant get one and have the guys install it. Probally on May 18 2006 i will have enough money since i get 20-25 dollars from my friends and family(they live in florida, we live in ohio) i might hsve enough after then or i could save 5 dollars a week but i still wint have enough by then.

  12. hey can you help me on how do all the modding and stuff with and without the chip
    hard mod
    softmod w/ action replay

  13. so are u all saying that if i get a modchip that i cant connext to live?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

  14. i dont know where 2 get mods can u tell me cuz i dont trust people on ebay and i live in la,

  15. plus i dont know anything about mods i just want 2 run very fast and jump supper high and have auto aim but i need 2 know where to get it

  16. oh yea i got action replay max fo the xbox but i dont know how 2 use it 2 mod
    (soft mod or HArdmod)

  17. i dont kare a bout the chip but if u realy need it ill try 2 get it butt ui dint have alot of money

  18. i have my xbox modified and ive noticed that some games will not work or download. i want someone to post or send me a list of games that don’t work so i dont waste any more money on this digital crap

  19. what kind of mod chip can edit game like halo2…i saw this one guy and he had trains all over a level. he also had like..150 fuel rods all in one spot. all i know is that his mod chip was an excuter, but i dont know which one. SOMEONE HELP

  20. i just got an xbox and it has the x3 mod and already has the media center on it… i just can’t figure out how to use it properly and how to upload stuff onto my xbox… any help would be great thanks

  21. Holy crap that makes me want to mod my xbox but i dont want to mess it up. People told me to use an “Action Replay or Action Replay Max” and so i did and all it does a lot of stuff just like a “Mod Chip” so get one it comes with a manuel and it is so fun. So get one if u dont want to mess up your xbox and if u have halo 2 or any xboxlive games this is my acount’s name: Slim Thug 603. Send friend requests to me. PLZ

  22. hey Slim Thug 603 i can get stuff on my Action Replay Max memory card for halo 2, but when i plug it in nothing happens!! please help me

  23. I got my mod chip like 2 years ago but itz nuttin special to me so i want to disable it without buying anything just simply disabling it from the xbox so i can play online, can some one tell me how to disable PLEASE???or u can reply @ [email protected]

  24. hey, i just got a fully modded box with xmc, avalaunch, all the emulators, etc. how do i find out what chip i have? and will it play xlive? i read a couple posts saying it wont and that would b crap…

  25. I thought a mod chip lets you play “backed up” games. It doesn’t alter a game in any way. For that you’d need an actual mod for the game, not just a mod-chip.

  26. hey i have a mod chip installed to my xbox and i dont have mods on it can you help me get mods onto it?

  27. I have a coma console (solid green no audio or video and no eject) and I just want my xbox to work again. I don’t play live, does any one have any suggestions for a mod chip?

  28. i tried the sofmod but then failed coz i was getting the error 1..yup i know wat i did,left the hard disc not connnect 4 some good time..nway i was told that the only way to solve it is through the hard mod so pliz give me the start on what to buy n were to start..NB,..the microsoft logo doesnt appear meaning ma hard disc is

  29. hello. i am going to mod my box. i havent decided between soft or hard mod. i have heard good things about both. also, i have heard bad things about both. i have one question: when you hard mod it, does the chip have all the programs you need or what? like, programs for browsing….please email me at [email protected]

  30. hi..does any one kno anyother way of playing copied games without mod chips..
    like installing any program on anything?

    if any knows this stuff..can u please mail me at [email protected]

    would be grateful

  31. I’m trying to link a modded xbox with a regular xbox, and play halo 2, but for some reason, the modded xbox won’t let me play halo2 the actual version.

    What should I do?

  32. hey i do not have a modded xbox but i have a good idea. you can probably on the motherboard put a switch, then an led light to show if its on, then put your mod chip, then maby another led, just in case. this will allow u 2 acess live but mod whenever u want 2. tell me if this will work, as i may try it. pretty good 4 a greenville texas boy!!!

  33. my cousin tried to mod his xbox once, but he ended up wrecking it. so be careful when you do this stuff.

  34. Hi,

    I would love to mod my xbox but i am not a tech guy and everywhere you go around the web this is what yoou get to read…modchips are very hard to install that is the only thing writing me off from having my xbox modded.

    Download and copying xbox 360 games is easy…i am just having a problem installing the chip..i dont think there is any shop around here that does it since it is illegal…



  36. I modded my xbox so that i can play games inside my xbox but when i insert an xbox disc it works fine but 20 min later it freezes.. so i shut it down and reboot it again. But when i turn i on it shows these words that i don’t understand well it has little bit of English it says ” Please call costumer

  37. I had my chipped xbox mothballed and found it recently. It still works, and I tried to install new dashboard for it using AID 4.5..but no matter what I do (including formatiing HDD), it still always boot to the current dash evox. Any advice, please email me [email protected]. Peace!

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