Checkers Domination!

I’ve been practicing checkers for a world event coming soon, and I pretty much dominated this guy I just played. I’m white, I’m going from bottom to top and it’s my move. As you can see, he only got a single one of my pieces.

I might actually be the most glorious checkers player to ever walk on the moon!

6 thoughts on “Checkers Domination!”

  1. “practicing checkers”
    Dude, no-one should practice checkers. It’s just someting you do when
    not doing anything else.

    Now, if you’d said that you’d beat your mac at CHESS, then I’d be impressed.
    ( I’ve never come close 🙁 )

  2. If that’s nerdy, I won’t mention I was once 15th best at that ‘sport’ out of the 16 million in my country…

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