Dust Devils On Mars

This picture is about a week old, but it’s still pretty cool. But I forgot about those two rovers that NASA has cruising around Mars (Spirit and Opportunity). They landed in January of 2004, and were supposed to be operational for 90 days. More than a year and a half later, both of them are still exploring the surface of Mars and beaming back pictures and data.

It would be cool if everything was made as tough as those little bastards.

DMV Locations

So my birthday is coming up next week and I realized my license expires this year (on my birthday), so I went to the DMV to renew it. Now what I want to know is when did going to the DMV become a pleasant experience? I went to the DMV today at like 8:30 am, thinking I was going to spend half the day there in line or whatever. I ended up filling out the dumb little paper, taking the eye test and getting my picture taken. Total time elapsed? 14 minutes from the time I walked in the front door to walking out. That’s too easy… what the hell dude??

1,200 Hour Work Day

When the earth was created, it rotated pretty fast (a day was about 6 hours). The moon’s gravity has slowed that down to 24 hours now. But in about a billion years, the moon will have slowed the earth’s rotation do a day is 1,200 hours.

How’s that for a work day? 🙂

Passive RFID Tags

So I’m thinking about getting a system for my new house where you can get an implant and doors will unlock for you automatically. But I also thought it would be cool if you could use those to track where someone (or a pet) was in the house in real time. Well I talked to the VeriChip guys today and they say that only the active RFID tags (ones that have a battery and transmit a signal at all times) can be used for that. The implants are tiny passive RFID tags (they have no battery) so they don’t have enough range to do it.

That sucks… now how am I going to find my cats in the house?? 🙂

Man Dies After Playing Games For 2 Days

A South Korean man (identified as “Lee”) died of heart failure stemming from exhaustion after playing an online video game for 50 hours.

Lee thought it would be a good idea to quit his job so he could have more time to play video games, which by the way, doesn’t seem like a solid plan for your life if you ask me. I’m not much of a gamer myself, but for everyone else thinking they need to quit your job so you can have more gaming time, maybe you should think twice… because gaming KILLS.

Check out the full article.

Dueling Hot Tubs

I’m starting to think I may have actually lost touch with reality here…

For my pool, I want a big (large enough to actually swim in) zero-edge pool with a swim-up bar. Then I started thinking it would be pretty cool to be in the pool and go under a waterfall into a grotto where the hot tub is. Well… what if you want to be in a hot tub and actually be in your backyard (vs. inside a cave)?

Is it too excessive to have two hot tubs in the backyard (one in a grotto, and one in the open)?

Sony’s Fictional Film Critic

A class action suit has been settled, and Sony Pictures is obligated to refund $5 to anyone who saw Hollow Man, Vertical Limit, A Knight’s Tale, The Animal or The Patriot at the movie theatre. Because those people may have been influenced by Sony’s fake film critic, “David Manning”.

I wonder if you need to show your original movie stub to get the $5? 🙂

Human Implantable Access Control

So after my last post, I was poking around the Internet regarding RFID access control systems for buildings (for a house in my case), and I found a company called VeriChip. They offer systems that are wearable (what I originally was looking for), but also implantable inside your body, which seems pretty cool to me. It would be pretty hard to lose your house key then.


RFID Tagging

The US Department of Homeland security is going to start requiring foreigners to carry a “card” with them at all times. It will be an RFID type of card that can be read from 20 feet away.

Anyway… I don’t care a whole lot about that and the whole privacy concerns (I’ll let the privacy activists deal with that). But, it would be a neat technology to use for my house that I’m going to be building soon.

Maybe a card you carry in your wallet or something could automatically unlock the front door as you approach the door or something. Has anyone seen or heard of a company doing any RFID stuff for the home?