Agnostic Servers

Seagate is still not producing the hard drives I want for new servers in sufficient quantity, but they do seem to be actually producing them now. I’ve seen places where I can get 30 of them lately… but I need 72.

I’m assuming I’ll be able to get them relatively soon and have started to think about how I want to lay the servers out architecturally.

As far as hardware goes, gigabit ethernet just really isn’t that fast these days… Real world use has being able to pass about 80MB/sec (theoretical maximum is about 110MB/sec). When you have a cluster of servers passing massive amounts of data amongst themselves, 80MB/sec just doesn’t cut it. Which is why the servers have Infinband QDR (40Gbit interconnects), so they should be able to pass 3.5GB/sec (ish) between themselves.

For software/services, I’m thinking maybe 12 identical servers that are more or less service agnostic… with each server being a web server, MySQL Cluster data node and a MySQL Cluster SQL node. Then each server could probably be setup to handle 10,000 concurrent HTTP connections as well as 10,000 DB connections (1 per HTTP connection). With 12 servers, you could have the capacity of 120k concurrent web connections, 120k DB connections capable of doing millions of SQL queries/sec. If you need more capacity with anything, you could just bring online additional agnostic servers.

This of course is just in theory… who knows how it will test out in actual use, but it does seem like something worth testing at least.