Second Best Thing About Vegas

When you are bored in the airport on a layover on the way to Chicago, you can win $2,000 on a $5 bet. 🙂

I played a total of $20 (I played 6 total hands for $5 each, winning my first hand also) on video poker with my last $5 and hit 4 2s and an ace on “Dues’ Wild Poker”. The only hand that would have paid more would have been a royal flush for $4,000.

5 thoughts on “Second Best Thing About Vegas”

  1. rumor has it that you are getting better at poker, but I did take you out last week and won the ENTIRE POT! ($25 between 5 people)

    I better start playing video poker.

  2. What the heck? AGAIN?! Dude, the video poker machines in Vegas LOVE you. At least you bet more than $1 this time. =)

  3. ok let me tell you somthing ,

    this game is good but,,,,, it dose not compare ANYTHING to call of duty 4 bc that is the best game ever invented! and i will own anybody in that game!! try me my name is goooo89 and if u can beet me i will send you 1 million dollars!!!! i sware to the higher power

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