Send Media To Your Xbox 360 From Your Mac With Connect360

I’m not much of a gamer, but I did buy an Xbox 360 last summer. Anyway, I finally found the best use for it… “beaming” your media from your Mac to it (music, photos and movies). The only annoying thing is all the music you buy from the iTunes Music Store doesn’t work since it’s DRMed with Apple’s Fairplay stuff. And since that’s the only place I get music anymore, none of the new stuff I have will work. Oh well… still cool none-the-less…


3 thoughts on “Send Media To Your Xbox 360 From Your Mac With Connect360”

  1. check the SF Macworld keynote on January 9, Apple will show the iTV, a Wifi media center box that allow to beam your songs, video etc fron iTunes on your TV! (and then your DRM music)

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  3. You can also hack an Xbox so it’ll hook right up to a network and then run all types of media through it. I usually stream online radio stations (Groove Salad!!!) and set the Gforce visualizer on when we have friends over.

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