Apple Gave Me A Bunch of iPhones

Well sorta anyway… since Apple officially announced their iPhone, Apple stock has gone up $11.14 per share. I bought 100 shares a long time ago (it’s since split twice, so now I have 400 shares). The value of my shares has gone up $4,456 since yesterday morning. More than paying the $500-600 price tag for one if I wanted one.

It does look like a pretty pimp phone, and includes pretty much everything you could ever want (Wi-Fi, movies, music, GPS, QWERTY keyboard, etc, etc.)

Too bad they will only work with Cingular and their over-priced data plans. But whatever… free is still free (sorta… heh)


13 thoughts on “Apple Gave Me A Bunch of iPhones”

  1. damn just when you get a new phone and switch companies then they put the phone out exclusively for your old company… i think its time for the shawn hogan unlocked iPhone 😉

  2. I have happy with the Pearl… it’s a pretty sick phone. Wish it had a GPS though (which the iPhone has). And I switched to T-Mobile when I got the Pearl.

  3. Correct… but considering HSDPA isn’t really widely used in the US (yet), it’s probably a good decision. Ideally it would support both EDGE and HSDPA, but if I had to pick one or the other (today), I would go with EDGE.

    It’s not like this is going to be Apple’s final revision to the phone… when HSDPA is widely available, I’m guessing we’ll see them offering phones that support it.

  4. Wasn’t there a new law just passed that requires Wireless Providers to unlock your phone so you can go use it with other companies? You should be able to get the phone from Cingular, unlock it and then use it with whichever other CDMA provider you like.

    The only issue with that is that you’d either have to use one of the creative tricks to break your contract or assign a different phone to that contract and try to sell it or let it go to waste.

  5. No, I think the law says it’s legal for YOU to unlock your phone to use with a different carrier, but I don’t think Cingular (or anyone else) is under any sort of legal obligation to unlock it for you.

    BTW, it’s a GSM (not CDMA) phone… my current phone/carrier is GSM too (T-Mobile). I think Cingular and T-Mobile are the two big GSM carriers in the US. All the other big ones are CDMA (which the phone won’t work with).

  6. I am sure they will throw in HSDPA. They have plenty of coverage for that in the big cities…which is where I am sure 95% of the people that will buy a $500 iPhone live. The Blackjack I just bought my wife has HSDPA and EDGE support, which is what I would expect them to do. I am kicking myself for not moving and having EVDO sooner.

  7. Sweet. I’m glad that you will have all of these extra iPhones laying around…Just so happens that the will be coming out in JUNE. Sure would make a super gift for your favorite sister, whose birthday is JUNE 21st…;)

  8. I’m guessing that there will be new features/details released at the launch… like 3G services, spec upgrades (mpixels on the phone), service/data packages and many further software details.
    There are alread a lot of developers aching to build apps for this thing… so expect a great list of useful apps.

    Looking forward to it!!!

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