Random Email #36

A random email I just got… 🙂

What? I mean how hard is it to get on this site? Is this a whore site?
I just want to know why it’s in my computer history????
If my husband is really stupid enough to deal with this kind of….thing, (I’ll put it nicely), then so he can go for it. Where are these girl’s parents?
He is old and trying to be young. But these girls are young trying to be older.
Maybe it’s a perfect match.
He’s nothing to write home about in bed…but if you get paid, what the hell?

Oh my god!!! Someone’s wife found him looking at my blog. That marriage is over I guess. Sad… so sad.

8 thoughts on “Random Email #36”

  1. Hmm. First amputee porn, and now there’s apparently young whores?

    Please direct me to the signup for the members only section, I’ve obviously missed it somewhere! Can’t wait to see what other fun stuff you’re hiding here…

  2. Heres one I received this week to a health info site we run. WTF?

    “I by boby have nose sick.
    I nose sick grave running nose or
    nose squeeze.
    I have sell nose fierce drug.give me
    thank you”

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