Chargers Las Vegas Favorite To Win Super Bowl

The Chargers are currently the favorite of Las Vegas bookies to win the Super Bowl (5-2 odds). The Chicago Bears are the 2nd favorite, coming in at 7-2.

3 thoughts on “Chargers Las Vegas Favorite To Win Super Bowl”

  1. How do you find this stuff? I’ve been looking via internet to see each week on what the “trained professionals” are betting. If you could give me a website, I’d appreciate it.

    By the way, could we be related?

    Holly Hogan

  2. Your a year late.

    What are the predictions for 2008.

    Chargers have come a long ways and are not the same team
    as they were in the begining of year. Like a boxer they are hungry……………………….

    Come from behind and kick ass on the Pats and go on to Super Bowl and make history……………….. As a winner…….

  3. I can understand the Chargers being favored to win the Super Bowl. Their way over rated running back (LaDanian Tomlinson) is about due. But the Bears? Seriously? That almost makes me laugh. I rather have Stevie Wonder as a quarterback! Has everyone forgotten about Peyton Manning and the Colts? The Colts are hungrier this year than any year before. All I have to say is watch out! Peyton Manning is on a war path. The Manning brothers will dominate the NFL for years to come. Goodbye LaDanian. Goodbye Brady.

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