No, I’m Not Dead…

For everyone that has been asking me (or asking others to find out)… I didn’t die.

I also didn’t get thrown in jail…

…nor did I run off with some girl…

…I also didn’t get kidnapped…

(these were all theories I’ve heard so far)

The quick version is this… I went to Mammoth for 3 days, then I was sick for a couple days, then the Chargers lost, so I didn’t feel like writing. Now I feel like writing something, but I don’t really have anything to say… So for now, I’ll just tell people where I’ve been. It’s not that easy to think of something to write about *every* day you know. 🙂

Sorry for not writing on the blog in awhile (I know Bobby loves it when people say that.. heh)

11 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Dead…”

  1. Well, being thrown in jail only kept me from blogging for 24 hours. And the whole time I was getting tasered, handcuffed and being treated at the hospital, I kept thinking, “Dude, I can’t wait to blog about this bullshit…”. Is that nerdy?!

  2. come to think of if, being kidnapped would have been great to blog about AND you could have “One Upped” your sisters story about getting tasered.

  3. Even better would be to have been kidnapped by a Mammoth, and one upped everyone! (ever)

    You’re a wuss, Shoemoney never gets sick.
    But then again… he is a machine. =P

  4. Glad you are not dead, or kidnapped, but running of with a girl probably would have been a little more fun than getting sick and watching your team lose?

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