Dueling Hot Tubs

I’m starting to think I may have actually lost touch with reality here…

For my pool, I want a big (large enough to actually swim in) zero-edge pool with a swim-up bar. Then I started thinking it would be pretty cool to be in the pool and go under a waterfall into a grotto where the hot tub is. Well… what if you want to be in a hot tub and actually be in your backyard (vs. inside a cave)?

Is it too excessive to have two hot tubs in the backyard (one in a grotto, and one in the open)?

2 thoughts on “Dueling Hot Tubs”

  1. Hell No! Two hottubs is the way to go. Will we be able to access the bar without leaving the hottub? Would it be too much to ask to have one put in my room? You can leave out the waterfall, may be a bit messy on the carpet. Also can I have a secret passage attached to my room (always wanted one of those).

  2. I was there! Behind the waterfall! Check it out in my gallery. It was the most amazing feeling as I took the picture from behind that waterfall at Blue Pond on the road to Hana in Maui. Can you replicate that one. There are a bunch of waterfall pictures in that album. But maui_behind_waterfall.jpg was an amazing moment in my life looking out from a fresh water pond and behind a waterfall onto the ocean. OK, I am done now! But you have to look:


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