RFID Tagging

The US Department of Homeland security is going to start requiring foreigners to carry a “card” with them at all times. It will be an RFID type of card that can be read from 20 feet away.

Anyway… I don’t care a whole lot about that and the whole privacy concerns (I’ll let the privacy activists deal with that). But, it would be a neat technology to use for my house that I’m going to be building soon.

Maybe a card you carry in your wallet or something could automatically unlock the front door as you approach the door or something. Has anyone seen or heard of a company doing any RFID stuff for the home?

2 thoughts on “RFID Tagging”

  1. I’ve done a bit of programming work with reading the chips in passports, it’s really impressive the amount of data that they actually store. With regards to home automation it would be really easy tying the two together if all you wanted to do was use it to identify the wearer and react accordingly

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