Human Implantable Access Control

So after my last post, I was poking around the Internet regarding RFID access control systems for buildings (for a house in my case), and I found a company called VeriChip. They offer systems that are wearable (what I originally was looking for), but also implantable inside your body, which seems pretty cool to me. It would be pretty hard to lose your house key then.


7 thoughts on “Human Implantable Access Control”

  1. You would let someone cut you open and put a foriegn object in the wound just so you can be lazy and not have to worry about keys? People get millions from lawsuits againt hospitals all the time when the surgeon forgets an object in the body. You uh crazy.

  2. they do, they’re on the big side though 22-34mm

    these are read/write glass tags


  3. Why does this sound like something from an episode of South Park? Oh wait that was a satellite dish coming out of Cartman’s ……. yeah.

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