ndb_restore Not Working

So I had an issue where ndb_restore was utterly failing and made it so it was impossible to restore ndbcluster tables from a backup. Trying to use it was flooding us with all sorts of sporadic errors…

[NdbApi] ERROR — Sending TCROLLBACKREQ with Bad flag
theNoOfSentTransactions = 1 theListState = 0 theTransArrayIndex = 5
Temporary error: 410: REDO log files overloaded (decrease TimeBetweenLocalCheckpoints or increase NoOfFragmentLogFiles)
Temporary error: 266: Time-out in NDB, probably caused by deadlock

Finally was able to work it out, but man, can I just say that ndb_restore really could use an overhaul to make it a little more friendly? Okay, go! 🙂

4 thoughts on “ndb_restore Not Working”

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    May I know how you managed to solve these errors? I met the same issues when restore about 90G data in 4 data nodes in total.

  2. Aloha Shawn,
    Just hear about you time at Taft. I spent a year there in ’03 was a big part of the veggie garden. Is the sweat lodge still there? Mr Ono was in charge of the horticultural department back then. I learned a lot about myself and now it is part of my past, makes for some good stories.
    My home on the Big Island of Hawaii is open to you if you can get away… send me a shout out when you get settled.
    Aloha Greg

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