3W E12 (candelabra) 2300K LED bulbs

So I’ve been trying to find good LED replacements for the incandescent candelabra bulbs I have at my house (422 of them).

Last year the Phillips 2700K was the best I could find, but I still hated it. It’s ugly and gives off a weird purplish light… Yeah no thanks.

Earlier this year I tried one of the Archipelago 2700K LEDs… Eh… Kind of greenish light.

On top of it, I wanted something warmer than 2700K, which seemed impossible to find.

Finally I called China… Straight to an LED manufacturer, and they were able to send samples at 3 different color temperatures… 2100K, 2300K and 2500K.

And guess what? The 2300K is perfect… I finally found the perfect LED candelabra. Good color temp, the bulb itself isn’t ugly, dims just fine, etc… Needless to say, I ordered 422 of them direct from the manufacturer and they are about half the cost of anything else to boot.

40 watt bulbs going down to 3 watts as soon as the order is delivered. 🙂

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  1. I don’t recall off the top of my head (on phone right now)… I know it was very stereotypical Chinese sounding… something like Ching Pong Lights or something like that. haha

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