Best Thing About Las Vegas

They have free wireless Internet in their airport (so does Phoenix and Pittsburgh, and probably a ton of others that I don’t know about). San Diego’s lame airport wants to charge you like $10 to use it for a day. Stupid.

5 thoughts on “Best Thing About Las Vegas”

  1. You should get a cell phone like mine. Then you will have free wireless internet access to your laptop, anywhere you have cell service :). And by “free” I mean for $40 a month, but it’s well worth it if you travel a lot…

  2. I was in Vegas a few weeks back, and I loved the free wireless. I even had some woman offering to pay me to use my laptop to check her email. That’s a little extreme for me, so I settled on helping the hot chick next to me debug the card reader in her laptop.

    Bradley Internation in Hartford, CT also has free wireless. It blew me away the first time I flew back from there. It’s great to be able to sit around for the hour or so until the flight leaves, since going through security takes about 2 minutes (at least in Terminal B).

  3. Vicious: Or just get one paid for by your employer. We just got Treo 680s and unlimited data plans. They are nice!

  4. Geeeeez, Shawn give one Las Vegas a plug and 5 minutes before he jumps on his plane he wins $2000 on a $20 bill in the poker machine. Poor guy almost missed his plane because of the tax stuff he had to do and it made his wallet hurt to sit on for the trip. waaaaaaa

  5. the self employed pay their own cell phone bills;

    shawn, go buy a sweater with that $2k, I saw 9 degrees for Chi town this morning…..brrrrrrrr

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