Ravens vs. Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals almost shutout the Baltimore Ravens tonight (Ravens scored with 1 minute left), and normally I wouldn’t care all that much, but before this game, the Chargers and Ravens were tied for the 2nd best record in the conference (behind Indianapolis). In the case of a tie between the Chargers and Ravens, the Ravens hold the tiebreaker because Steve McNair and company beat the Chargers earlier in the season.

Anyway… long story short is if the playoffs started yesterday the Ravens would have had a first round bye. But now, if the playoffs started today, the Chargers would get that first round bye.

3 thoughts on “Ravens vs. Bengals”

  1. Yeah – that’s huge for the Chargers. Ravens looked very out of it tonight and the Bengals D has really stepped up (did you see what they did against Cleveland? yeah – I know its Cleveland but..).

    This was a big AFC game that changed a lot. Too bad NFL Network is not in HD though//

  2. So… I am willing to bet one whole PayPal Dollar that the Bills will be San Diego Sunday. A “Sub par” team will rip you from your power rankings! 😉

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