We Have A Foundation/Slab

The foundation/slab was (finally) poured for the house today, so I figure I’ll post another time lapse video (it ends this afternoon).

Sorry the quality is lame and it’s little, YouTube downsamples the video, not me… To give you an idea of how the “real” video looks, this is the last frame of the video:

14 thoughts on “We Have A Foundation/Slab”

  1. ya know, it looks like the progress really slowed down in the middle…like it was some sort of holiday. you don’t have these guys working 24/7? Sleep is for the weak…

  2. Yeah, there was about a week hold up because the something they needed to seal the outside of the basement was in short supply.

    That’s why the forms were taken off the basement, and then it just stood there for awhile.

  3. Sandwich eating might beat it Dax, yours was better quality footage.
    Will there be a sequel? =P

    Does San Diego get frequent sandstorms or fog?
    Brief hazy bits keep coming and going.

  4. That’s awesome man!

    I can’t imagine how much that Pad cost you, it had to be more than the cost of building the house 😉

    Definitely interested in what the finished product will look like!

  5. Hey Shawn – surely you will want a home theater in that new house 🙂 Stop by my site for some tips and info. If you need any specific advice contact me I’ll be glad to help you in return for all the help your site and especially your forum has been to me. BTW – go with a Sony SXRD projector and screen for your theater and an SXRD rear projection set for everyday viewing.

  6. Shawn:

    I live in Bellevue, Washington and I believe I am building a house in the same neighborhood as you (though I can’t tell for 100% sure from the pictures). As you are well along in your construction project and I am still in the design phase I was hoping we could talk. Please call me or e-mail me your contact information and I will call you. My toll free number is 1-877-274-4264. Thanks, Brian.

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