I Actually Have My Car

It only took 1/3 of a year (116 days to be exact), but I actually *have* my replacement car for the one that got stolen now.

Now I get to drop it off in the morning (monday) to get some work done, so hopefully I’ll have it back on Tuesday afternoon.

Yay, I have a car. hah

3 thoughts on “I Actually Have My Car”

  1. Hmmm

    They got it :
    Only 3 months and 2 weeks after it was stolen. 🙂

    You got it a few days after that…

    What car was that?

    Can u show the pic shawn?

  2. what are you getting done to it at the shop? 44” rims? Flat Panel TV’s behind every seat? Navigation? Jacuzzi tub in the bed of the truck?

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