San Diego Fishing

Did anyone besides me know that it doesn’t get light outside until about 7:15 am?

We went on a half day fishing boat today, and I had to get up at 5:00 am (yuck!!). Our boat went down to Mexican waters almost to Rosarito. Because of that, we had some Mexican beer at 8:30 am (Corona). We almost convinced Shoemoney to hug/spoon a sea lion for $200. haha That would have been a great picture, unfortunately it would also mean that we would be making the arrangements for his funeral… and that’s no fun.

Oh, and I caught 6 fish because I’m pretty much a bad ass fisherman.

4 thoughts on “San Diego Fishing”

  1. I was pissed for a second that I didn’t get invited on this fishing tour, but them I remembered how much you hate it when your sister out does you when it comes to sports. I would have caught at least 12 fish and you would have been pissed, so it was probably for the better ;)…

  2. Haha.. I have you and shoe in my RSS feed for two different reasons, so it’s kinda funny to see you guys are friends.. Sounds like fun. I never go fishing..

  3. Shoe spooning a seal…He could have probably gotten some pointers from this guy -

    That guy got caught though. They found the following on him:
    357 Magnum
    Length of Rope
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Coffee Can
    Some Oats
    and a Ziploc Bag filled with Salt


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