7 thoughts on “Muslim Rave”

  1. Yes, These mullas think that religion is business and the people who support them are ignorant. This is shiat Mullah and it seems a good way to make money 😀 I think people like these should be punished who are not representing Islam like it is. These people are just a bad stain on the neat religion of Islam. Well we cant do anything other then to educate people who are supporting them.

  2. I am a muslim, and sane muslims dont do that shit. That stuff is done only by shiat ‘muslims’ and they are a shame to humanity.

  3. thats some funny stuff..i like how they added to music to make it look like they were partying..its so sweet..i love videos like this..and its so obvious that this is a fake but what else is you tube good for but to find dubbed over videos of funny stuff..rock on buddy..rock on

  4. O my god! This is sooo funny! Come on man, don’t take this too serious its only Lol! I’m come from Holland and my english is not very good but i hope that you understand what i’m saying.
    Why are you so mad? it’s only joking right?


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