5 thoughts on “Mac OS X Spaces”

  1. “You do a lot on your Mac. So what happens when all those projects pile up? Easy. Use Spaces to organize all your windows into groups and banish clutter completely. A Space for everything and everything in its Space. Only with Mac OS X Leopard.”

    Or with every version of gnome or kde since 1999, and any other linux window manager i can think of. I love apple marketing.

  2. As chrish says: Welcome to the state of the art for Unix window managers ten years ago. When I first used Solaris in 1993 when I entered college, the department standard window manager (fvwm) offered “spaces” (although on Unix they’re typically called “virtual desktops”).

    Checking out the video, Apple has put their usual spit and polish on it. The popup showing which desktop you’ve moving to is a nice touch. The ability to move entire spaces around is also not something I’ve seen before. But everything else I’ve been doing for years.

    All that said, yes, this will rock. If you juggle a lot of tasks it’s a godsend. Desktop 1 is email and instant messenger. Desktop 2 is working on a project. I get interrupted with a rush priority bug fix: into Desktop 3 it goes. Someone wanders in and wants to discuss something, I use Desktop 4 to open a few files for discussion.

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