Angry Cat

It would be perfect if you could somehow mount this cat on top of an ambulance and he could be its siren. Would work better than a normal siren.

12 thoughts on “Angry Cat”

  1. You freaks!!!!
    The cat is so terrified because they always treat him that way!

    If I could just talk to that lady who filmed it!

    LEAVE THAT INOSENT CAT ALONE!!!!! IN THE INSIDE HE IS INOSENT, ITS JUST HOW YOU TREAT HIM YOU PEOPLE!! IMAGINE ITS YOU IN THAT CAGE!!! YOU WOULD DO THAT ASWELL! People, you treat animals so badly, i cannot believe this world! I have a cat and when he gets pissed of I leave him go out into the garden and to leave him alone there for 30 mins and then he comes in the house and wants to have love! DO THAT TO THIS CAT!!! TAKE MY ADVISE!!

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