Cellular Signal Amplifier

More than anything, this is just a bookmark for myself. That way when/if I need it at a later date, I remember what it was! 🙂

These units are Single Band which means there are 3 separate units to serve the different carriers. Each WorkBase can fill up to 40,000 square feet and lets up to 68 users (per unit) have full reception at all times. WorkBase is optimal for warehouse stores, grocery stores, cruise ships and office buildings.


3 thoughts on “Cellular Signal Amplifier”

  1. Hmm. Unfortunately at $500 the Livebase is out of my price range for a non-necessity like that, although that would be great for my house. Didn`t even know they had things like this, thanks for the heads up…if I ever see one fall off the back of a truck, I`m all set. The only place on the planet that I don`t seem to get any cell coverage, is at my own house. I have to go sit in the car (10 feet from the house) for the thing to work.

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