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Here’s a marketing tip for everyone trying to sell something… be likable. I just had to buy a vacuum, and I ended up spending $500 (I can only assume it’s over-priced) on a new Dyson vacuum for the sole reason is that Dyson guy on the commercials seems like a nice guy. 🙂

Hopefully it works well too.

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  1. When I bought my vacuum, I ended up buying it from a guy simply because he wasn’t the complete jerk the guy at the other store was like 😉

  2. Trust me it’s worth it… we bought the Dyson Animal vac a couple months ago and it is amazing… I never thought I’d spend $500 on a vacuum but my wife wanted one so… anyway, after using it I must admit that it was worth it.

  3. k…i just want to get everyone here on the same page. You bought the vacuum because of a good marketing person, the one the created the commercial…if it was because of a commercial.

    Now, if you were to buy a Kirby Vacuum ($1000 plus) THEN it would be because of a good sales person. I know many very successful sales people that began their careers as door to door sale people because that is how Kirby’s are sold. Now that is some hard stuff….

    Shawns face is a vacuum cleaner

  4. I have used a Kirby and they are AWESOME vacuums! The suction power they have is AMAZING, try to push one without the drive on and you will see what I mean. They really suck UP the carpet and don’t just throw dirt around.

    The dyson actually got rated pretty poorly, I believe the panasonic to be the best bang for the buck.. ~$300.

    Anyway- yes being a nice salesperson is KEY, and smart.

  5. Kirby are great although their sales men are jerks. When I was a kid I remember my mum throwing this £1000 vac in to the middle of the street because they refused to leave the house. They quickly left at that point 🙂

  6. Let me know if you like it. Fefa & Idelsi my cleaning ladies hate my vac. I have had to replace 2 belts on it. I think they are fucking it up on purpose so they do not have to clean. I personally think it is okay but I too have been watching that commercial and thinking…he seems kind of nice and honest.
    although he kind of reminds me of that one guy in Arcanophobia that was killed.

  7. Kirby is the best vac out their you may pay an lot but in the end you only pay once not every six months and some sale men are jerks but some are very kind I had one and we had an great time during the the demo Know i sle them too . if any body need an kirby email me at [email protected]

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