I Almost Have The Camera Live

It’s mounted on a pole, it’s had Internet connectivity to the site since Thursday, it’s been plugged in since Friday and I was planning on hooking up the Ethernet cable and configuring it on Friday, but I was too tore up to leave my home.

Figuring I would do it today, I went to the site and wired up the Ethernet cable and all that. Then I realized I forgot the stupid little $0.05 connector that connects 2 RJ-45 ends together. How dandy! 🙂 I guess another trip tomorrow is in order now.

BTW, it looks like the roof trusses were delivered this morning for the guest house and attached garage.

5 thoughts on “I Almost Have The Camera Live”

  1. So are you going to let us pan/tilt and zoom 🙂

    A buddy of mine has a similiar Sony camera and at night in b&w you can look at his street and if you zoom into a neighbors window it turns to color pretty nifty.

  2. Shouldn’t you still be resting?

    It would be awful if the first live camera images were of you lying beside your intestines 😛

    Sorry for that mental image, but it was the first thing that popped into my head.

  3. wow…this is going to be the best surf cam out there… i can’t believe how fast it is going up…are they fabricating all of the framing off site and shipping it in or do they have a boat load of framers hamering away in cielo all day?

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