I’m Really An Indian Now

So I’ve been wearing this Indian dress pajama thing for a few days now, and I’m starting to feel more and more Indian… so I took another picture so you guys can tell me what you think. 🙂

Actually it was Photoshopped (hah, really??) by a couple of Digital Point users, but it turned out rather funny I think. 🙂

Note: I just posted this while driving 70mph on the freeway. I don’t recommend… not safe, and very hard.

I didn’t know Indian girls were such babes… I think maybe I’ll be moving to New Delhi now.

20 thoughts on “I’m Really An Indian Now”

  1. hahahaha
    i just can’t stop laughing.
    now that u r turning into an indian, we could rename u :p like in south india, shanmughan(not much but close to Shawn Hogan) and for a punjabi with a turban… hmmm lemme think, shana turban 😛

  2. You should be in a temple on top of the Himalaya and have annoying callers come on a pilgramage whenevr they have a tool support request 😀

  3. Some one will sue you for putting up that picture there. I would suggest you take this picture off or ammend it a bit.

    The turban shown in that pic is worn by sikh people and they are forbidden to use a hukka which you are holding in the pic.

    Not being an ass here but this could lead to some serious implications.

    I bet who ever photoshoped it knew what he was doing and he or she is from India.

  4. The first look and it was obvious it was digitaly modified.. anyways it looks cool have Malika in your arms lol..

    with so many indian members in dp it is just matter of time you too become and Indian ha ha ha..

    BTW me too an Indian 😉

  5. let him be its not offending our religion he just having a laugh. I believe he has put his own pic in a turban with a woman n that… I find it slightly amusing and not offensive… relax brothers

  6. Dude…why the heck are you surds so uptight about your religion man? This is the 21st century dude…so just chill. Everyone has a freedom of speech on the internet and if this offends you, just let it pass.

  7. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am intrested in knowing the software used tomake it
    please inform me aditya_great2007@rediffm,ail.com

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