14 thoughts on “Floating Bed”

  1. You should get that for your new place.

    A dining table one would be cool. Everything would need to be made of plastic though.

  2. I think we need a 10 year multi-latteral study on the effects on the brain and the reproductive organs….

  3. When I tried putting 2 magnets to oppose each other one would flip over and slam against the other.

    I wonder if the bed would flip over and slam me in to the floor. That would hurt!

    From what I have read it can withstand a lot of weight!

  4. Do you think there is the normal “30 day satisfaction guaranteed or money back”? That is funny…I was just thinking this morning about the hovercraft you ordered specs on and were going to build when you were 6.

  5. Um, “… took six years to develop…” WTF?

    Six years on a floating slab project? I mean magnetic field manipulation is facinating, and I could see it done for MagLev trains, transportation, etc… but 6 years on a bed/table combo? Crikey!


  6. funny, have you ever read “The Sirens of Titan’? It is a really quick, fun read. Author: Kurt Vonnegut. Check it out. Floating furnite? Rantings of a wannabe alien? ..creepy…

  7. Assuming that this magnatic field is created by electricity, Just imagine a power fluctuation 🙂 or a power cut for one second ha ha ha

    I myself wouldnt want to sleep all night in that magnatic field 🙁 and thats too much money for a bed any way unless they sending mallika sherahwat with it.

  8. i well want dat bed lol tis mintagee 😛 tis tis butt if there eva was a power cut i’d have to jump up quick or i could fall through the floor.. which would hurt a lil 🙂 lol xxx

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