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Okay, so there was that terrorist thing going on today, so the airports were all whacked out… or at least they were supposed to be. Everyone at SES was like, “Dude, you only have 4 hours before your flight, and the airport is an hour away, you better leave now… Actually, you probably aren’t going to make your flight as it is, so we’ll see you back here in a few hours I guess.”

So I get to the airport with 3 hours before my flight… what happens? Uhm, I wait for the ONE person in the security line to go through before me, so it takes about 2 minutes to get through the security screening. Rad, now I’m at the airport with 3 hours to kill.

I think it might have been a plot cobbled together by Jen, Dave, DaveN, Danny and Vanessa to ditch me so they could go to the bar. Fuckers. “Oh yeah… let’s send Shawn to the airport, it will be funny.”

From BoingBoing

So CNN is reporting: “Because the plot involved taking liquid explosives aboard planes in carry-ons, passengers at all U.S. and British airports, and those boarding U.S.-bound flights at other international airports, are banned from taking any liquids onto planes.”

And then they have the photo of the TSA guy dumping a tub of confiscated possibly explosive liquids into a garbage can in a crowd of people.

Figure that shit out for me.

Don’t you think that some of these potentially explosive liquids might be more dangerous when, I don’t know, mixed in a big vat in the middle of an airport?

Christ, why don’t they just have people put their liquids into a big bonfire?

The whole liquid thing is stupid anyway since they allow some liquids. On the plane I was on, some lady was allowed to bring on a giant bottle of water for her dog. If you are a terrorist, wouldn’t you just keep the liquid on your person, and maybe not tell them you have it since they don’t have to send it through the x-ray machine?

3 thoughts on “Airport Wait Times”

  1. Yeah, tell me about it. Stefan and I always argue about how early we need to show up for a flight. I like to get there 15 minutes before my flight leaves and they always rush me through security (I like to think of it as my own VIP line). But then again, I have a mean pair of “puppy dog eyes” ;).

  2. Yeah same deal for my mother who flew Friday morning. She got there earlier and then spent 95% of her time waiting because she quickly blew threw security… funniest thing is while they pulled her “liquids” out of her bag(yeah she forgot even though we called her the day before to remind her), she forgot she had lotion in her coat pocket. The coat got x-rayed, they never saw the lotion and she didn’t realize til she got here that she had it.

  3. Sorry to say this in front of you shawn, but; the reason all the dudes rush summer through the security line isn’t because of her “pair of puppy dog eyes”, it is because she has another pair of things that you and I don’t have.

    There is no winning at Airport Roulette. If you get to san diego airport 2 hours early for a 8am flight you are guaranteed to wait in lines hundreds of people long because they don’t open security until like 6am. But get there 2 hours early for a lunch time departure and you will move through with the quickness; just in time to get a burger and fries at McD’s (don’t forget the choco shake) BEOTCHES

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