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Oh, I forgot to mention that 2 weeks ago when it was scorching hot, it was too hot to go outside, so I was stuck in my place and was really, REALLY bored. So I went out and bought an Xbox 360. Unfortunately there’s still no games that I was terribly interested in (I like sports and racing games since you can get in and out without too much time commitment).

I ended up getting 4 games (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Perfect Dark Zero and Tomb Raider: Legend). The first 3 I got just because they were the highest rated games for Xbox 360 and Tomb Raider I got just because Laura Croft is hot. 🙂 The only games I’ve actually gotten around to playing so far is Elder Scrolls… Kind of fun to be able to go in and sword fight and all that, but I’ll probably use the Xbox 360 more when Madden 2007 or some other more interesting games come out (Grand Theft Auto 4, Splinter Cell 4, Gears Of War, Forza 2, Burnout 4, etc.).

Lame Friends Update

Man, I guess I don’t have many friends that play video games. Only 2 people I know have an Xbox 360 (I realized this when trying to figure out people to add to my Xbox Live friends list).

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  1. Probably a good thing I didn’t know that then heh…
    *goes back to good ole’ RTS games that don’t invoke “violent” behaviour*

  2. Shawn, check out the live arcade for unique indie games and solid classics. Street Fighter II just came out and has a cool “quarter mode” where 4 players are in a chat room, any 2 of which are playing while the others queue for the winner. Also I highly recommend Marble Blast Ultra – one of the better multiplayer games there. I also play guantlet and UNO on Live.

    Now just get a gamer score chart and voice to put on your blog:

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