Funding A Movie

Here’s something kind of funny/ironic with the whole MPAA thing going on…

I got a proposal in the mail today from a film production company that wants me to invest/fund their movie for a 14% return on the investment plus title of “Executive Producer” on the movie.

“Based on those factors, it should receive a PG-13 rating from the MPAA.”

I wonder if they know that if they submit a movie for rating to the MPAA with me as the executive producer that it will automatically be stamped NC-17? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Funding A Movie”

  1. You should consider starting a site and a legal defense fund to stop those MPAA bozos. Perhaps you can set a precedent that others can use.

    Although I understand that you did not break copyright laws, copyright laws are wrong and shouldn’t exist…at least not in their present form.

    “If nature has made any one thing less susceptible than all others of exclusive property, it is the action of the thinking power called an idea, which an individual may exclusively possess as long as he keeps it to himself; but the moment it is divulged, it forces itself into the possession of every one, and the receiver cannot dispossess himself of it.

    “Its peculiar character, too, is that no one possesses the less, because every other possesses the whole of it.

    “He who receives an idea from me, receives instruction himself without lessening mine; as he who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me.

    “That ideas should freely spread from one to another over the globe, for the moral and mutual instruction of man, and improvement of his condition, seems to have been peculiarly and benevolently designed by nature, when she made them, like fire, expansible over all space, without lessening their density in any point, and like the air in which we breathe, move, and have our physical being, incapable of confinement or exclusive appropriation.

    “Inventions then cannot, in nature, be a subject of property.”

    – Thomas Jefferson

  2. I’m surely going to be putting together some stuff as a result of this case… not 100% what yet, but some of the ideas are:

    – A site people can use to fight RIAA/MPAA without minimal expenses

    – Fund other people’s suits in order to get a precedent set

    – Start a community/forum for people about it

  3. John,

    I appreciate the quote of Thomas Jefferson, but I believe it applies much more to patent laws than copyright laws.

    I still do believe that copyright laws in America are blatantly horrible. I understand the basic principle: the movie/song/etc is a product that they are trying to sell. Unlike normal physical products, these products can be easily and cheaply duplicated. Because of this property of their product, they are attempting to create a more physical type of “hinderance” on copy protection, but they are failing, miserably.

    I don’t believe the war will end until we stop paying for (or they stop charging us for) huge salaried producers/directors and fat contracts for the actors/actresses. I believe people purposefully copying media instead of buying it is a form of protest, albeit an illegal one.

    I wouldn’t mind going to the movies if I didn’t have to pay $20 per person. I would buy every movie I watch if I could get them for $5 each. I would listen to much more music if I could download it easily and legally (thank you

    MPAA: stop being so damn greedy. Start making media for us, and not your wallet. Then I won’t copy ever again… I swear.

  4. You should only exec. produce movies starring Alessandra Ambrosio that way you can give em a reason for the nc-17 rating.

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