New Domain

Well, I decided to switch my personal blog to it’s own domain ( in case you didn’t notice), since the new address is easier to remember. So uhm… yeah. That’s the new URL. 🙂


Okay, the old URLs properly redirect to the new ones, the photo gallery works and I updated all the old posts that referenced the old URLs (a little SQL magic there). But if anyone notices anything that doesn’t work, or any broken links, please let me know.

7 thoughts on “New Domain”

  1. Camino complained about too many redirects and bailed out. Doesn’t seem easily reproducable though.

  2. It was from your DP Pofile link to the homepage …com/

    Seems to either have cached the DNS now or whatever, doesn’t happen again. I looked with dnsstuff but traceroute etc. seemed normal.

  3. Good move, people can come straight to your blog without getting the url wrong a million times. It’ll be interesting to see what Google will index and rank, considering the old url is still standing with the same content 🙂

    – Mike

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