Servers Have A Home – I Get Surgery

The new servers and equipment were installed into the data center yesterday (I also had to move the existing servers/equipment to a new rack), so everything is physically at the data center now (it’s not actually in USE yet, but at least it’s at a place where I can start moving stuff over to them).

Kind of funny to see a load of servers that’s worth 100x as much as the car they are in. 🙂

A long time ago (when I was 17) I ruptured my spleen and they had to cut through my stomach muscles for the surgery. Well, apparently I had a weak spot just under my belly button from when my stomach muscles were sewn back together where I got a little hernia from lifting the servers earlier (I didn’t even notice it until about 10 hours later). I noticed a little bulge and knew I probably had a hernia of some sort from lifting that crap. Anyway… I just got back from Urgent Care (it’s a 24/7 place you can go in case you don’t know). 5 hours, 1 CAT scan and 3,827 games of Bejeweled on my cell phone later, I found out that I have a little piece of fat that popped through that weak (remember the spleen thing?) point.

Not that big of a deal… they are going to call me when they can take care of it with a quick little surgery.

More importantly, the new servers are in (oh yeah, I said that). 🙂

A bit of a blurry picture, before the cables were tied up.
Image stolen from Julien, who helped me move and install servers today.


Julien has a much more interesting account of it over here…


15 thoughts on “Servers Have A Home – I Get Surgery”

  1. G’luck on the surgery. I had a hernia surgery a couple years ago, I was fine after a few days. It’ll be a bitch to walk for a couple weeks, but not too big of a deal.

  2. So… since I didn’t have a hernia does that mean that I am tougher than you?
    Honestly though I am sorry to hear that. So when exactly did you notice it, you didn’t say anything while we were all golfing I hope that didn’t make it worse…? I hope it heals quickly.

    Also, I wrote a post about installing the blade servers and put up a few more pictures on

  3. Someone decided to DIGG my post about our adventure to the data center yesterday to install the blade servers! I think I have had more traffic in the past hour than I had in the first three months. I guess I am pretty funny.

    Help me digg it to the first page!
    Click here to see it on

    It’s pretty funny… his digg summery for my post is
    “Blogger Dude helps a friend move almost $100,000 of loaded Dell Blade Servers (20 dual-core 2.8Ghz Xeon processors , 120GB RAM, and 20 146GB 15,000 rpm drives) into data center and writes it up as if it was for his site which handles thirty (3-0!) unique visitors a day. DIGG it and show him some real traffic.”

  4. J – No… I didn’t even notice it playing golf. I had no idea until I was taking a shower after I got home from dinner and a I felt it.

  5. Good to see the servers going in. I know what you mean about the servers being worth more than the car..

    I have a file here (a software license) worth well over a quarter million. I had it sitting on a $20 flash drive (for a while) – how long would you leave those blades in the back seat 😉

    Anyhoo, good luck with the hernia. I’ve never had one, but having your gutz try to force its way through ruptured muscle tissue cant be pleasant.

    Hope it turns out well.


  6. You felt IT while taking a shower! :0

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.
    Hope u get well soon.
    Wrap some duct tape round yourself till then.

  7. At this rate of growth after three year, you better get some help when moving new blades to the datacenter 🙂

  8. I am so grateful for your hard work and use your rankings tool religiously. I promise to donate $$ as soon as possible. Lord knows you’ve earned it. Sorry about your belly.

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