Building Permits

Guess what? We have building permits as of today… Which means we can actually break ground on the house. 🙂 (it’s about time!)

There is a pre-construction meeting with the home owners association next Thursday.

7 thoughts on “Building Permits”

  1. We don’t have all that stuff in Louisiana. We just find a piece of land that’s not swampy and we build. 😀

  2. Be prepared to do some serious ass kissing with the home owner’s association. Most of the time they’re people who’s only thrill in life is making other’s lives miserable by making them do countless stupid things so they can feel important.

  3. I must say things are nowhere nearly as complex here in Oz. Sure theres permits to deal with, but it’s all pretty straight forward.

    I’d be more than a little stressed at having to go through all that (even for a castle !) 🙂

  4. It’s because he is trying to build in the richest zip code in the USA. Everything has to be perfect in Rancho Santa Fe.

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