Wow, I’m A Dork.

I guess it goes in waves… because last December, I was just saying I need to be more dorky. Well, I just looked over my blog from the last few weeks, and it seems I’ve inadvertently become very good at that… with all the, “blade servers this… MySQL that… load balancers this…” stuff.

The new servers and equipment are going to be installed tomorrow, so hopefully maybe I’ll have something a little less dorky to write about soon. Hmmm… maybe once the servers are in place, I’ll break down their cardboard boxes and have a break dancing contest on them. That’s the kind of stuff that cool kids do, right?

4 thoughts on “Wow, I’m A Dork.”

  1. Yall dont get Shawns sense of humor. Obtuse and so very funny! I suspect he aint going to be doing any brake danceing on boxes. But who knows?

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