I’m An Amazing Golfer

Today I beat my best golf score ever by about 20 strokes. I even had 2 birdies (I’ve only had 1 ever in my life before today).

So the plan is to improve by 20 strokes every game I play from here on out. Until I just start getting more eagles than not.

2 thoughts on “I’m An Amazing Golfer”

  1. You forgot to mention that beating your best golf score by 20 strokes still meant that you shot an 83 on a par 56 executive course. I guess I can’t diss you too bad though because last time I only beet you by 2 strokes and this time I shot a less than impressive 99.
    Also, I would like everyone to know that I got my first birdie ever today!!!!!! I was feeling pretty good and I was tied with “golf master Shawn” until the back 9.
    Anyway, I’m thinking a couple more practice rounds then we will be ready to play Pebble Beach. By that time your scores should be well into the 40’s!

  2. Wait… weren’t you the guy that was spewing something along the lines of:

    “You know what? I don’t think we can play together anymore because I’ve gotten so much better than you…”

    Oh yeah, that was you… and I beat you by 16 strokes. 🙂

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