Random Email #20

Another random email (in it’s entirety)…

Wow, you are very unprofessional, I am sure that is why you sit at home with momy still at the age of 30 plus trying your best to run what you probably tell everyone is a business from your messy bedroom at momys house, I understand, I was there about 10 years ago, now I make over 200k annually. I doubt you will ever get there for the simple fact that you have no professionalism in your blood. Too bad for you. I own more than 8 successfull websites that pull in over 30k annually, I was considering advertising here during my marketing campaign, but you suck so that opportunity is gone for you. Ooops! ha, ha, let that digest for a few days, then get back to me mamas boy!

I can’t even think of anything to say about this one. But I *do* know it was cracking me up (really). heh

Although I must say… $200k/year is a truly amazing amount of income… 😉

13 thoughts on “Random Email #20”

  1. Huh? Is there actually a point to that email? You would think that anyone with an income of 200k would be more er, constructive and be able to spell better. 😉

  2. evrythng he sez is troo, u r a mommaz boi!

    Haha, I got a bunch of those emails too a while back. They make for good comedy and are fun to share. Almost always though, everything they say is not true. I’d be willing to bet he is the one still living with his mom.

  3. Way FUNNY! If we all only knew the truth. I’ve known you for awhile, you seem ok to me. Its cool hes rollin in the “big” bucks. Maybe he should hire an old and shot out guy to teach him some manners. Clowns are everywhere. Rock on Shawn!

  4. Mc Fox you can make big money and be a completly illiterate twat…

    But… this one look like some former college football player that discovered internet not so long ago and want to get some geek bashing on the cheap to remind him the old days…

    Pretty sure he landed some useless office drone job because of family ties.

    God, I love ghetto psychology in the morning…

  5. Wow! His 8 websites make $30K a year? Maybe he can give you some pointers….oh wait…even my websites makes (way) more then $30K a year. I’ll give you some tips on how to make your website profitable if you let me borrow you personal assistant for a day or two a month ;)…haha

  6. I am curious if the two phrases written by the author: “you are very unprofessional” and “Ooops! ha, ha, let that digest for a few days, then get back to me mamas boy!” should be side by side.

    This is not a good example of darwinism.

  7. Finally someone had the guts to say what we all thinking about you!

    Seriously though, that guy is awesome. Any way you can track him down and ruin his life?

  8. Of course I could track him down (need you even ask??)..

    He’s in the Milwaukee, WI area… but uhm… who cares? It’s funny. 🙂

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