First Blade Is Good To Go

Okay, I think I’m relatively happy with how the first blade is configured for the new servers. So I split the RAID mirror today, and put one of the drives into the second blade and am letting them rebuild their RAID mirrors onto 2 new drives. So soon I’ll have 4 hard drives with the configuration/install, at which point I’ll have 8 blades build new mirrors. And just repeat that process until all 10 blade servers are up and running with the configuration (and then mirrored to each blade’s secondary drive for redundancy).

Either way, that means we are getting close to the blade servers being ready to go into the data center.


Dude, why does it take so long for a 146GB drive to rebuild in a RAID mirror (it takes like 6-8 hours)?? This is an annoying waiting game… 6 blades are live with the configuration (all rebuilding the configuration to blank drives) at this point though. So 4 of those blanks (when done) will go into the last 4 blades, then a final rebuild so all blades have everything mirrored. I guess that’s 2 more rebuild passes to go… So maybe the blades will be ready for the data center tomorrow night.

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