Windows Media Center And Xbox 360

Does anyone know if the Windows Media Center Extender that is built into the Xbox 360 is a true client application to the Windows Media Center PC?

Basically I’m wondering if you could have 2 TVs, each with an Xbox 360 attached to it, both streaming unique content from the one Media Center PC.

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  1. I believe so. I think you are limited to like 5 extenders, whatever flavor they may be. The only thing that really sucks about using extenders is that you cannot play everything that your MCE box can. DivX encoded video as an example. You cannot load the DivX codec (or any other for that matter) onto your extender box. Basically, you can play recorded TV, stream live TV and look at the pretty pictures on your MCE box. From what I have read, I don’t think any of this has changed with the 360.

  2. Well, supposedly the latest retail release of MCE2005 has support for certain 200 DVD changers…but, that is kinda gay. I have 300+ DivX movies and I am hoping that someone comes out with an extender soon that can play them. I have seen people running multiple MCE boxes to get around this….which is pretty gay to have to do. But, a stand alone box is almost as cheap as an extender these days.

  3. Was poking around and I found this thread. There is a pretty sick plugin for MCE that is called My Movies. Basically, you can rip your DVDs to ISOs and mount them using Daemon Tools. It actually works very well. AND, the best part is that you can watch them via an XBOX360 as an extender.

  4. @Jason Golod. Have you managed to get this going? The documentation says you can’t mount iso and watch them with your xbox360 extender. I keep getting errors saying I’m not connected to the internet?

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