5 thoughts on “Quantum Physics Double Slit Experiment”

  1. Certainly some interesting stuff, even if it is beyond me.

    It reminds me a little of “If a tree falls in a forest and theres no one to hear it, does it make a sound?”.


  2. never took physics did you? it’s just simple wave interference, with the nature of light which are electromagnetic waves

  3. This is absolutely mind boggling. But hasn’t anyone come up with answers as to why the photons know they are being watched???
    This kind of concludes a thought that nothing is REAL until it’s observed. Does this mean that the Earth and Universe and beyond, really, does not exist until us, humans , look at it and “gather all the little energy waves” into matter ??? Is it our minds that control this, or does it know to do this automatically,( almost like a game of peek a boo) ? That ‘observer’ only was to observe one and collapsed the interference pattern totally just by its being there, it being without a mind, making it look like the photons that it have some intelligence of its own.
    This is pretty HEAVY STUFF!! More than just physics.

  4. The movie that this clip is taken from, is well-known for its very bad ‘science’. In the clip, they make it appear as though we can somehow “observe” the electron moving through one of the slits, without actually having an effect on the electron. But this simply isn’t the case. In order to actually detect the electron, we either need to bounce a photon off of it, or put it into proximity with a charged substance (there are indeed more complicated ways of detecting the electron – but they too, affect the quantum state through a physical interaction). When we do this, we are indeed modifying the quantum state of the electron, as we fire it through the slits. So it is not a “human observer” that causes the interference pattern to disappear – it is also not any kind of “intelligent observer”, at all, but rather, the ‘observer’ is some physical property that allows for the determination of which slit the electron went through. It can be confusing to some people, particularly when you consider the fact that it is very difficult to know when something happens, unless SOMEONE eventually observes it…. but the ideas and the mathematics behind quantum theory have no place for an “intelligent being”, or “conscious entity”. These concepts are just being injected into the theory by people who like to see more into quantum mechanics, than what is really there.

  5. The comment that the mathematics behind Quantum theory have no place for an intelligent being or conscience entity, is very short sighted. I have a masters degree in Quantum mechanics. I say to you that the schrodinger wave equation which predicts the possibilities of quantum behaviour is by definition reliant on a conscious entity. That entity is the observer, That observer is the quantum physicist. The physicist is plugging values into variables thereby collapsing the wave equation into the single reality that we perceive.

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