Random Email #5

Another weird one I just got…

Hi I am Denise, I have a 1993 Geo Tracker and the check engine light is on. I did replace the 02 sensor and did a tune up with all new plugs and the check engine light is still on. Not sure how many 02 sensor’s are in my tuck but a mechanic said it could be the o2 sensor, so can you assist me on what I need to do.
And let me know how many sensors are in my tracker, Thank You.

{scratching head} Did you try calling a car dealer, or someone that knows anything about car engines? If your car runs on PHP or HTML I could probably help you, but otherwise…

4 thoughts on “Random Email #5”

  1. Haha…maybe because you rank #5 in google for “Geo Tracker”? Too bad that chick was too dumb to realize that your Geo Visitors tools has nothing to do with her crappy car.

  2. One of my favorite Email is I have a buncha BBQ information on my web site, including a fairly decent how-to guide (with picture) of how to convert your grill from propane (LP) to Natural Gas.

    So I get this Email that basically says “after doing the conversion, I can smell gas, what should I do?”

    After waiting a day, I wrote back “call 911”

    Didn’t hear back from them, and didn’t see any news stories about exploding BBQ’s … 😉

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