Who Invented The iPod?

You know what I want to know? Who in the hell invented the iPod? I know a ton of people played parts in it, but who came into work one day and thought… “Gee, this would be cool…”

Because whoever that guy was, Apple should give him a bonus.

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  2. hi peeps!!! im doing a report on the ipod, so it would be very helpful if someone could give the name of the guy who invented it!!! thanks kiddis!!!!!

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  6. Microsoft actually invented the Ipod. Appartently They have got Patent on it. But Its just the Apple company who made it big. There are still lots of distributes about it today.

    There you all happy now!

  7. who invented ipods i need help becuz im doin a projectb on modern tecnology and i choose ipods so if anyone have any answers plz tell me what website to go under

  8. Hi,
    Im doing a report about the Ipod and yes I am only a student and yes i am in 4th grade.
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  10. a dude named jonathan ive inveted AND designed the ipod. he is a very shy person and doesnt like interviews focussed on only him. he is the great man behind all of those kareoke moments, dont say anyone else invented it, it was JONATHAN IVE and NO ONE ELSE…=]

  11. Wow bit harsh. Sorry I don’t know who invented the iPod don’t know why theese people are freaking out so much, it’s just a question.

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  14. Tony Fadell, left Philips to create a hard drive based MP3 player and a music service. He founded a company, Fuse, to develop and sell the idea to major media companies. After Real Networks turned him down, Apple accepted and they began developing the iPod in February 2001, one month after iTunes was released. It was announced to the public on 23 October 2001 as a Mac-compatible product with a 5 GB hard drive that put ‘1000 songs in your pocket.'”

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  35. it was Jonathan Paul Ive Senior Vice President of Industrial Design at Apple Inc. He is internationally renowned as the principal designer of the iMac, iPod and the iPhone.

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  37. plz can sum1 tel me hu invented the ipod as im doing a project and it would be very helpful if someone could kindly tel me who invented it.
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  38. Jonathan Ive’s designed it. The actual inventor isn’t really one guy but is like … 40, at least. Also, more than one company put the original ideas together. PortalPlayer had a huge role in it.

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  42. hello guyswhat i got from my little research here is that i find out that john lennon invented but i am not sure if he was the one who invented since he died 20 years before the ipod was out..

  43. Could someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me who invented it and when PLEASE a millon times cus i’m doin’ a report!!!=}PLEASE!!!!!

  44. Hi, my name is Mr Apple. I invented the Ipod. This is because I am awesome. Because I love apples, Apples are great. I invented the Ipod you know.

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  45. In truth, there isn’t just one person that can be credited as the actual “inventor” of the iPod. It took many individuals and groups to end up with the finished product, but we’ll give you a brief history anyway.

    The first in the list is of course Steve Jobs. Jobs was looking for ways to push his Macintosh computers, since he has always lacked market share compared to PC computers. Who exactly came up with the ‘music player’ idea is unknown, it was probably a collaborated effort, but Jobs wanted to pursue it.

    Jon Rubenstein can be credited to putting the initial pieces together. He did a lot of the research to see if such a device was even feasible, in which they quickly found that it was.

    Finalizing the product was in the hands of a man named Jonathan Ive, and he’s not only the lead designer of the iPod, but the iMac as well.

    Jonathan and his team came up with the prototypes and tweaked the product into what you see today. Jonathan doesn’t like to give himself credit though, he points back to Apple as a whole and likes to give everyone in the process credit for all of their hard work into putting together the final product.

    So, who invented the iPod? Apple did, plain and simple.

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  48. Who invented the ipod was he an american person? please let me kno im a student and neeed to kno by wed 14th 2009 please thank you!!

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  53. Where the fuck are you all getting your information from???!! It was Tony Fadell, a Lebanese American (like Paul Anka, Gibran Khalil Gibran, Yasmine Bleeth, Kristy McNichol, Michael Nader, Tom Shadyac and many more…) who invented iPod. Please check your sources before commenting! Below is an excerpt from Wikipedia on that:

    Anthony M. Fadell (born 1969) was the Senior Vice President of the iPod Division at Apple Inc., having succeeded Jon Rubinstein in 2006. On November 4, 2008, Apple announced Fadell is stepping down as Senior Vice President but will remain with the company as an adviser to CEO Steve Jobs. Fadell’s wife Danielle Lambert, who had been the Vice President of Human Resources, will be leaving the company. [1]

    Fadell, a Lebanese American, graduated from University of Michigan with a BS in Computer Engineering in 1991 and was a member of Psi Upsilon Fraternity. While still at Michigan, he was CEO of Constructive Instruments, which marketed MediaText, multimedia composition software for children. He worked for Apple spinoff General Magic for three years, starting in 1992 as a diagnostics engineer and progressing to a systems architect,[2] where he was responsible for the development of a number of technologies and devices including the Sony Magic Link and Motorola Envoy, both of which were part of the Magic Cap platform. In 1995 he was hired by Philips where he was co-founder, Chief Technology Officer, and Director of Engineering in the Mobile Computing Group, which developed a number of Windows CE-based handheld services, notably the Philips Velo and Nino.[2] Fadell went on the become a Vice President of Philips Strategy and Ventures where he was in charge of developing Philips’ digital audio strategy comprising of technology direction for silicon and software, as well as its investment portfolio and potential business models.[3]

    During the 1990s, Fadell started his own company called Fuse to develop the “Dell of the Consumer Electronics.” One of the devices he had in mind was a small hard disk-based music player. Fuse failed, however, to find a second round of funding, and Fadell started exploring developing the product at other companies. He first approached RealNetworks in 2000 but left after only six weeks. The second company he approached was Apple.

    He started working for Apple from February 2001 as a contractor designing the iPod and planning Apple’s audio product strategy.[4] In April 2001 he was hired by Apple to assemble and run its iPod & Special Projects group, where he has overseen the design and production of the iPod and iSight devices, following the direction of Jon Rubenstein.[4][5] He was promoted to vice president of iPod engineering in 2004. On October 14, 2005, Apple announced that Fadell would replace the retiring Jon Rubinstein as Senior Vice President of the iPod Division on March 31, 2006.[6] On November 3, 2008, The Wall Street Journal broke the story of Tony’s departure from Apple.[7]

  54. Kane Kramer invented the earliest form of the Ipod, the IXL. But then a team of Apple workers (John Rubinstein, Tony Fadell and Michael Dhuey) tryed to upgrade the IXL and then called the conclusion the Ipod.

  55. Yeah i love my ipod touch its sooooooooooooo cool… i dont really care who invented it but thanks anyway who ever did ily

  56. Who Invented the iPod at Apple
    The iPod was far from the first portable MP3 player. The devices had been on the market for years before the iPod debuted in October 2001, so Apple didn’t invent the concept. But none of the devices prior to the iPod had been big hits and the iPod was the first product to really make the music loading and listening process elegant and enjoyable.
    The iPod team at Apple took about a year to design and launch the first iPod in 2001. That team consisted of:
    • Jon Rubinstein, then the company’s senior vice president of hardware engineering; now at Palm
    • Jonathan Ive, senior vice president of design at Apple
    • Tony Fadell, an engineer and former senior vice president of the iPod division
    • Michael Dhuey, an engineer; now at Cisco Systems
    • Steve Jobs, the company’s CEO, who oversaw the project
    The Name
    Did you know that the person who gave the iPod its name wasn’t even an Apple employee? Vinnie Chieco, a freelance copywriter, suggested the name iPod because he was inspired by the line in the movie 2001 “Open the pod bay door, HAL.”
    Who Invented the iPod at Other Companies
    Apple has a reputation for building its hardware and software entirely in-house and not partnering with outside companies. That didn’t hold true for the development of the iPod.
    The iPod was based on a reference design by a company called PortalPlayer (no part of NVIDIA), who had created a prototype device using an embedded operating system.
    Also in an uncharacteristic move for a company widely known and respected for its user interfaces, Apple didn’t design the first iPod interface, contracting with a company called Pixo (now part of Sun Microsystems) for that work.
    But Who Really Invented the iPod?
    As I noted above, Apple was far from the first company to bring a portable digital music player to the market. But would you believe that iPod was essentially invented in England in 1979? It’s true.
    Kane Kramer, a British inventor, developed and patent the idea of a portable, plastic digital music player in 1979. He was unable to afford to renew the worldwide patent on his idea, though, and because the patent expired, he was unable to make any money from his original idea.
    Apple has even acknowledged Kramer’s role in inventing the iPod as part of its defense against a patent lawsuit in 2008.

  57. there are sooo many peple you say inventid it like hugh gray and jon rubinstein tony fadell stan ng jonathin ive. just tell me who it is cuz who knows it could be all of them.lol

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  59. Well, I though it was a British Person who came up with the idea when he was a kid in the ’80s, and then apple nicked his idea. Brits make the world go arouind you know.

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