Dell PowerEdge 1855 Blade Server

I’m looking at the possibility of moving some stuff I’m doing to blade servers. Anyone have any experience with blade servers in general? And if so, now is the time to gimme some input! 🙂

This is what I’ve been looking at lately…


Then I could just pop in a new blade (computer) when I need more power. A 7U blade chassis will hold 10 blades/computers, so a 7U chassis could hold 40 Xeon processors, 120GB RAM, 2.9TB drive space (15k rpm Ultra 320 SCSI)

2 thoughts on “Dell PowerEdge 1855 Blade Server”

  1. You’ve mentioned the #1 benefit already… Our former server used blades and it’s exactly that; need more? Slide in a nother one.

    Not much else to say really. I didn’t admin them directly or anything. They’re just good, nothing fancy IMO.

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